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Dating for marriage and serious relashionships
Detailed, specially developed profiles
New approach to finding a match
High level of privacy and security, anonimity
Verification of users’ documents
Profiles verification
Only real users, searching for serious relashionships
Dating agency professional services
Only for heterosexuals
Lack of sex-services
  •  Name: Алексей
     Age: 32
     Сountry: Belarus
     Town: Minsk
  •  Name: Анастасия
     Age: 37
     Сountry: Russia
     Town: Moscow
  •  Name: Юрий Перчемли
     Age: 40
     Сountry: Moldova
     Town: Chişinău
  •  Name: Anna
     Age: 36
     Сountry: Ukraine
     Town: Kiev
  •  Name: вовчик
     Age: 42
     Сountry: Ukraine
     Town: Kiev
  •  Name: Lida
     Age: 40
     Сountry: Russia
     Town: Moscow
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